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St. Eustace

Notre Dame

Romania—Gypsy Children’s Home

Jesus You’re My Superhero.


Sighi Soara,Transylvania, Romania

Finding Hope in Hard Times

Bŭna Romania

                The sky glowed red in the west over Târgu Mureș.  “Nine o’clock, time for bed,” it seemed to say to the men, women and children walking, running, driving below in a seemingly endless patter of life.

Sounds from the streets, shoes pounding pavement, tires treading the road, rose above the nine story flats, buildings most of the people in Târgu Mureș called home. “For now…” echoed in my memory, voices of the many who hoped for a different future.

                Moon kissed walls, some shabby and broad, some delicate in architecture and romantic in design gripped the ground, as if preparing for the next big change in government, in the economy.

                Breezes flowed through alley-ways, rose over building tops, whispering things not quite audible to the visitor. The whispers rose in the whine of motor scooters, the roar of busses.  They showed in the face of a man as he held the hand of his love sitting on the streetlight lit swing beside him. Excited greetings rose from the street, echoing against buildings and through open windows, giving voice to the whispers.  Beauty.  Joy. Hope. Life.   Yet this life, this hope people grasped in their hearts seemed to hold unanswered questions, “Cum?” “How?”

                Perhaps the how can be answered by slender spires rising above the flats.  Buildings built centuries ago with foundations firmly rooted point the way, show where answers can be found. Eyes might follow the towers upward, and as with generations before, they will help the Romanian people remember where answers to such questions lie.



New Zealand

Victoria, B.C.

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Praise Him above, ye heavenly hosts. Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 
The Doxology
Thomas Ken 1674