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Danielle’s position  as Number Two in the System catches the eye of people who should have no way of knowing who she is. The chase is on, but the love of her life will protect her, won’t he?

In the Lion’s Den ~ Science Fiction

“In the barren hills and coastal villages of Northwestern India, the people chronicle tales of invasion and treachery, of brave men who saved the kingdom. But if you listen longer, harder, you’ll hear the whispers, the legends of a girl. Perhaps the tales aren’t true, but only those whose lives crossed hers know for certain.”

After a market tournament goes terribly wrong, and the village shuns Sarima, she doesn’t seem to have a future. She journeys into the unknown with an elephant, a friend, and a feeling she can’t shake—that she’s being watched.  ACFW Genesis Finalist.

Revolution sparks around Paris, an exciting thing for Jean-Philippe, a young Bourbon who believes in the Liberté, égalité, fraternité  the Revolution promises. Then when his dearest friend is killed, and chateaux burn around him, excitement turns to terror. But it isn’t only him in danger. How can he save his two small children?


Different Like Me ~ Raising Small Souls

Watch for Hummers ~ Vista Journal for Holy Living

Miracle  in Le Crepe Danielle ~ Vista Journal for Holy Living

Reluctant Leadership ~ Vista Journal for Holy Living

Major Science : Interviewing Bacteria ~ Cover story, Clubhouse Magazine September, 2011

Focus on Peggy King Anderson ~ NCWA Newsletter

Focus on Kim Vandel ~ NCWA Newsletter

If I Don’t I’ll Surely Die ~ NCWA Newsletter Aug 2012

Finger Lickin’ Bugs: You Won’t Believe What’s for Dinner! ~ Clubhouse Magazine September, 2012







The Broken Feather ~ YA Historical Fantasy, 88,000 w

Finding Hope in Hard Times

The Happily Ever After Company ~ Contemporary Romantic Suspense 82,000 w

Sheila doesn't tend to make mistakes. This time she's made one, a really big one. Faced with a premature death at the hands of a scam organization determined to gain control of her will, she escapes to her friend's California home. Her journey back to faith is full of twists, full of the very kind of change she’s spent a lifetime avoiding. It also holds joy, joy with green-gray eyes. But can she trust him, and can she find the courage she needs to unravel the unanswered questions and fight The Happily Ever After Company?

No One Would Know ~ Historical Mystery 74,000 w

The Hobo and the Swan ~ Literary Historical Fiction, 108,000 w

Up the Sycamore ~ Middle Reader

Children of Revolution ~ Historical Fiction Work in Progress est. 80,000 w

An unwanted child of the Great Depression, Tessa’s life has been rough. She walks the dirt road to The Sunnydale Children’s Home, laceless shoes flopping. It’s ritzy for a children’s home—the kind of place that might give her the chance to do more than survive. She might make a better life. To stay, she has to be kind to Eddie. Kindness isn’t easy for her, and how can a- one be nice to a kid who don’t know night from day? She does her best, moving him, treating him like an imaginary friend. Friendship, even quirky and one-sided, may save a life—or several lives.

Rose’s best friend, Emily, is dead. According to the 1902 Boston paper, she escaped Scarborough Farm, a mental asylum, and drowned herself in the pond across Morton Street. Emily never would. But is her conviction making Rose suspect foul play and driving her to solve the mystery, or is it guilt? And can she solve it without leaving her husband and little son behind? Mystery, romance, friendship, humor.

When Zach moves to a small town, he thinks he has it made. No doubt he’ll wow the kids with his wealth. They aren’t impressed. Angry, he gets the town outcast in trouble.  Dennis forgives him, and challenges him to climb the sycamore. He does and promises Dennis he’ll help him find out why people whisper about him. Maybe some secrets should be kept.

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