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A Rainy Night in Dover

The flag comes down and we sing a song that goes like this, “Day is done, gone the sun from the lake from the hills from the skies. All is well. Safely rest. God is nigh.”

I look to see if anyone is watching and touch my middle. Because of my rain poncho, no one knows it’s there, but I do, and I wonder again if it isn’t such a good idea. I’ve been planning for too long to chicken out. Besides, I’m tired of being chicken. Everyone in Dover is afraid all the time. I gulp. You too. It’s the truth but at least I’m willing to do something about it. I take a step backwards and slip into the gloomy night.

Finding Hope in Hard Times


Wharf Rat

The first time I saw him I thought angels on earth must look like that.  He was a boy about my age with the shiniest white curls I had ever seen.  His eyes shone blue, like the sea, but a burningly bright color that made me wonder if he could see out of them at all.  Later, my brother pointed out his tough skin and shabby clothes, but I didn’t notice.

Leaving Safety

Standing in front of the room, the Mingshi, a man who might well be the oldest in the world, wrote equations on the panel. 

Walden had to squint and lean as far forward as possible to see.  Perhaps that leaning caused him to forget where he was.

When the old professor finished the equation, he turned to the room, “Can anyone tell me the answer?”

Of course. Walden had just written out problems very much like that.

The man glared at all the children. 

Some quivered, ducking as low as they could.

Throwing up his hands, the man thundered, “Answer!”

Walden’s mouth opened on command, “Thirty-seven point three.”

“What?  Who said that?”

None of the children raised their hands. 

“Answer.  It’s okay, you’re perfectly correct and you won’t get in trouble.  I want to know who was able to do such a problem.”

Walden’s heart beat out of his ribcage.  He would get in trouble.  Why had he answered out loud? That was so stupid!  He leaned his head away from the hole. 

Outside Glorious ~ YA Contemporary Romance. Maria dreams of going to college and living in the U.S. like the people promised when they took her from her Romanian gypsy village. Instead, she’s forced to beg in front of a cathedral in Venice.

There are worse things than begging.

Matt’s mother buys the ancestral palace and drags him to Venice to live and go to college. Sure, he wants to go to college, but not to be a lawyer. If he applies to the math program, will she notice?  The two meet.

Seven States Left ~ Contemporary. A homeless man causes the accident responsible for killing a family. He finds a piece of paper from the crash with the license plate game, seven states left to find, and determines to do so.

Birds in Flight ~ YA Sequel to The Broken Feather. A pregnant Sarima is kidnapped by K’rja.  Inspired by her bravery, the Sultan Amed Shah plans to invade Ranjit’s city, but doesn’t want Sarima in the way.

The Drifting Feather ~ YA Prequel to The Broken Feather. A boy witnesses the destruction of his village at the hands of invaders. His home is burned, his father dead, and his mother and sisters kidnapped. He makes his way south to Kannur and learns Kalari, a skill he wishes his mother and sisters had.

Rx ~ Contemporary. Robert (Berto) has always wanted to be a doctor. To get ready for his calling, he studies medical journals and, at night, tags, so everyone will know the Doctor has been there. His life intertwines with a real doctor when his brother steals the guy’s laptop, and he decides to return it. Robert, the Dr.’s wife is unable to have children, despite his pulling every string possible. He suggests adopting,  but she worries that he’s over-involved in his work. Each Robert may be what the other needs.

Leaving Safety ~ YA, Science Fiction. Walden lives in a dark world. As an outsider, he’s the son of a janitor in charge of keeping the tunnels debris free. He has a secret. He’s been peeking in on the lessons of the other kids. It’s been fine until he tells the answer to a complicated mathematical problem. The teacher insists he be brought in to learn. His parents are thrilled that at last things are changing. But Walden’s dream, a dream that there is something outside of Safety, might jeopardize  his newfound victory.

Out of Darkness ~ Supernatural Thriller. Meg is seeing things, horrible nightmare creatures that dwell in the dark. If it’s because her cancer has returned, why do others see them, as well?  Mandi’s bright little son is having issues—not something she needs since she’s pregnant and her boyfriend didn’t want to be part of a life with a baby.

Wharf Rat ~ YA Contemporary. The first time I saw him I thought angels on earth must look like that. Elizabeth falls for an abused boy who lives on a boat.

A Rainy Night in Dover ~ YA, Science Fiction.  Life in the village isn’t pleasant for Tori , and the only kid close to her age is thirteen. They can’t be the only ones left.

Saving Zain ~ Science Fiction. Few appreciate Zain's brand of intelligence. They see it as interfering with the bright students.  Fortunately,  some don't agree with society’s way of handling those who don't fit in and rescue the little boy, bringing him to a place where the people really appreciate his talents.  No society is perfect, even the most accepting of them, and there are those well-meaning people willing to use Zain's talents to their advantage.

The Player ~ Contemporary. Steve O’Toole’s best friend and roommate has the same name. One Steve plays baseball well, the other gets by okay as long as he doesn’t have to bat. When the right Steve asks the wrong Steve to go to a job interview for him and he gets the job, things get crazy. But maybe, just maybe, the wrong Steve is what the team needs.

Inside Information ~ Science Fiction. A woman wakes up in St. Edward’s Park,  cold, wet, and disoriented. The people around think she’s been raped. She’s been abused, but not in the way they think.

Tessa’s Best Manners Quiz Book ~ To accompany The Hobo and the Swan. When you’ve finished your custard, do you : A. Lick the bowl B. Say, “Thank you, that was delicious.” C. Let out the best burp ever.

And so Many More.